Thank you for the welcome, am very happy to be part of your group! - Erin Robinson

I have read many of the post, and I am thrilled to be a part of the group. Ladies you are all a part my inspiration and motivation......thank you. - Danielle Atkins

I was reading some of the post in the group! I am excited to be a part!! Great Motivation ladies!!!!
- Akilah Parker

I am pleased to be a part of this group and I am looking forward to having and giving that extra support that is needed
to complete this tedious process.
- TaShara Smith-King

I passed my comps exam in my doctorate program!!!! So happy and thank you to all the people who played a part in supporting me and staying by my side keeping me inspired... - Nicole King

I am so happy that you invited me to join the group! - Thomasine T Wortham

I am glad that there is a group for women like us. - Na'Keisha Phillips

Georgia, welcome to the group babygirl...these are some smart cookies in here, they got your back!
- HoneyGurl Rich