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The PhD Sisters Group (The Sisterhood) is the original support group open to all women who are completing or who have completed their PhD/doctoral program. By engaging in discussions about the PhD process, strategies for completing the program, and balancing life in terms of home, work, family, and school, we (as Sisters) are creating a community that will support the mission of the International PhD Sisters Association as well as creates a blue print for young women. The PhD Sisters Group on Facebook is Free! Simply submit a friend’s request on Facebook complete the Stay Connected Form..

As a member of the International PhD Sisters Association (IPSA), your contribution supports our community and outreach programs that encourage the pursuit of higher learning and engagement in positive learning experiences by young women. For those Sisters who are interested in enhancing their professional development, the Pi Eta Delta Sorority is accepting applications…Become a Delta Diamond and join the private discussion! Until December 31, 2013, members of the Sisterhood or the IPSA qualify for a discount upon joining the Pi Eta Delta Sorority.

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*The discussion forums are  moderated. In order to maintain the integrity and focus of the forum, discussion associated with activities and experiences related to the PhD process will be removed. By submitting a membership, you agree not to either solicit, directly or indirectly, business from, or undertake with any members of the group in the event you leave or are separated from the group.