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Welcome to the PhD Sisters Group

Hello PhD Sister Sister,

Welcome to the Ph.D. Sisters Group! The original doctoral support group for women. I am the administrator and founder of the Ph.D. Sisters aka the Sisterhood. The group is a support group open to all women who have completed or are in the process of completing a doctoral/ Ph.D. program. The women in the group come from a variety of backgrounds and universities. We engage in discussions about the Ph.D. process. There is no fee to join or participate in the facebook group.

Please read this entire message and complete the pdf version of the PhD Sisters Stay Connected form. You will be added to the group, after receipt of your completed Form. (applies to new members). Email questions/comments to phdsisters@gmail.com.

Once added introduce yourself, share your specific inquires about the PhD process, and take the time to browse around under the “Files”. There are samples of approved Quantitative and Qualitative SMR forms, Change Matrix, PowerPoint presentation for the dissertation defense call, and guidelines for postings in the group.

Create your doctoral profile by joining the Pi Eta Delta Sorority ( International PhD Sisters Association (IPSA). Visit www.pietadeltasorority.com. We provide exposure for doctoral learners, ABD’s, and scholar practitioners by listing them in an online directory. Support the Sisterhood on the sites below:

•Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/phdsisters)
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We also offer a Career Service Page that contains academic employment listings. If you know other women who could benefit from being a part of our forum, please feel free to spread the word or add them to the group, especially when attending colloquium.

We moderate the forum to maintain the integrity and essence of content. Random or ambiguous posts related to self-advertising, solicitation, or spam are not permitted.
Hyperlinks to websites containing content for promotion, advertising, or offering other services are prohibited. Repeat offenders will be removed form the forum not the Sisterhood. By joining the forum, you agree not to either solicit, directly or indirectly, business from, or undertake with any members of the group in the event you leave or are separated from the group. Again, welcome to the group! Any questions, phdsisters@gmail.com or 678-379-(PHD0)7430 . I wish you the best on your journey.



Amina Abdullah-Winstead, Ph.D.
IPSA /PhD Sisters Group Founder