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PhD Successful Sisters Program

The International PhD Sisters Association (IPSA) administers the PhD Successful Sisters Program (PSSP). The PSSP is a nonprofit program. The goal of the program is to assist female doctoral students in the form of a book scholarship or a tuition stipend in order that they may continue their PhD/doctoral program. This funding is for those who are at the research stage and in need of funding. Recipients will receive a one time award. Donation levels determine the amount of award.

Join the Movement! Make a difference…Make a Donation Today.

We appreciate any donation that you make to assist young women in fulfilling their journey in becoming PhD Scholars. Click the Donate Button Below to Donate Now! Thank You.

 Online Donations:
1. Click PayPal donate button below
2. Under "Purpose”, type "Donation to IPSA for PSSP"
3. Under "Donation Amount" type in the amount, you wish to donate
4. Click light blue "Update Total" button
5. Log into PayPal or simply use your credit card by selecting the Continue link under "Don't have a PayPal account?

IMPORTANT NOTE: The IPSA utilizes 80% of the general donations to provide resources for the PSSP scholarship program. The remaining 20% goes back into administration of the program. A portion of donations made at local events to support the PSSP in the general area in which the event takes place.


Apply for the PSSP! (Check Back - Applications will be taken at a later date)