About us

The IPSA is a consortium of intelligent, distinct, professional women who are focused on being leaders and scholar practitioners. Our organization's focus remains on supporting and recognizing women who achieve the highest level of academics, a terminal degree.

Our Mission
To inspire, support, and encourage girls and young ladies of all backgrounds to be leaders of tomorrow!

NOTE: The Pi Eta Delta Sorority and the PhD Sisters Group are separate entities. While both group are under the IPSA, they have different purposes.Visit the Pi Eta Delta Sorority website at www.pietadelta.com for information about the Sorority and the membership process.

The Pi Eta Delta Sorority

The Pi Eta Delta Sorority (The Delta Diamonds) is a women’s social networking group for professional development. The Sorority consists of an exclusive community of women who are interested in engaging in practices that support scholarship, the group, and each otherClick on the image for information about entry into the Sorority. By Invitation - Preferred!

Facebook Support Group

The Ph.D. Sisters Group (The Sisterhood) is the original support group open to all women who are completing or who have completed their PhD/doctoral program. We engage in discussions about the PhD process, strategies for completing the program, and balancing life in terms of home, work, family, and school. The group is moderated. In order to maintain the integrity and focus of the forum, discussion associated with activities and experiences related to the PhD process will be removed. See the PhD group description and welcome message on facebook for more details.

PhD Successful Sisters Program

The IPSA administers the PhD Successful Sisters Program (PSSP). The PSSP is a nonprofit program that provides support to female doctoral students who are in need of fianancial assistance to complete their doctoral program.

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Facebook IPSA/PhD Sisters Fan Page

The IPSA.PhD Sisters Group Fan page provides information and activities for the group and the website.

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